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Don’t Skip a Beat When it Comes to Heart Health

Heart Disease is the Number 1 Cause of Death for Men & Women

Over 600,000 men and women die from heart disease every year. The sad truth is many of those deaths could have been prevented with exercising preventive cardiology throughout your life.

Preventive cardiology is a medical specialty that deals with diseases and disorders of the heart. It includes diagnosis, cardiac rehabilitation, and treatment of many heart-related issues from heart defects and hypertension to heart attacks and congestive heart failure.

It goes without saying that a healthy heart and a healthy life go hand-in-hand.

Heart Disease Does Not Discriminate

If you are suffering from chest pain, have an existing heart condition or you have symptoms of heart disease, you may require the care of a cardiology expert.

Chest pain or discomfort is the most common reason why people seek the care of a cardiologist because it is one of the main symptoms of a heart attack. Your family doctor may also recommend you to a cardiologist if tests results indicate a potential heart problem, like an irregular heartbeat or a family history of heart disease. Most heart conditions can be preventive, but you need to know the symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Heart Disease

  • Breathing Difficulty
  • Chest Pain
  • Dizziness – Lightheadedness
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Fast – Racing Heart Rate
  • Loss of Appetite or Nausea
  • New – Irregular Heartbeat
  • Respiratory Infection – A cough
  • Restlessness – Confusion
  • Sleep Patterns Change

Heart disease is called the silent killer “Don’t die a stupid death” as one cardiologist states. Nine times out of ten a cardiac event can be prevented. Make your appointment today with one of our Top10MD Cardiologists.

Preventing Heart Disease

According to the American Heart Association  “You’re never too young— or too old — to take care of your heart.”

Preventing heart disease means making smart choices and continue to make those smart choices throughout your life.

Keys to Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

  • Tame your stress
  • Watch your weight
  • Be physically active
  • Eat a diet rich in nutrients
  • Know your family history
  • Schedule regular wellness exams
  • Get plenty of rest 7-8 hours per night
  • Don’t smoke and avoid secondhand smoke
  • Know the warning signs of a heart attack and stroke
  • Don’t brush off snoring— you may have sleep apnea


There are thousands of Preventive Cardiologists to choose from; however, not all doctors are created equal. Advanced preventive cardiology takes the skill of an experienced Cardiologist. That’s why we’ve selected your city’s best Preventive Cardiologists – to make the decision process easier for you and your family.

For your peace of mind, Top10MD Preventive Cardiologists’ credentials are validated yearly to verify medical licenses have no serious patient care sanctions, current Board Certifications in their given medical specialty, current DEA & DPS licenses, and malpractice insurance. A Top10MD has at least 5+ years experience or has performed 300+ procedures in their given specialty and a current Patient Satisfaction Score of 8.5 or higher.

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