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Support Groups

Bariatric surgery is not a procedure that is easy to go through so it is good to have a support group that can help you and encourages you along the way. Family can be a great support system, but sometimes they can be overwhelming. Instead of pushing you to be better, they affect you in a negative way. There are support groups available for you if you need support besides family. In the support group, you have people that have been through the procedure and can help you along the way. You also have those just like you still working towards their goals after a bariatric procedure. Whatever the case is, it is good to have support to help you get to the finish line.

Mental Weight Loss

Weight loss is not just a physical thing. It is a mental game as well. You can eat right and exercise, but you will never be successful until you decide in your mind this is what you want to do. No one can make you lose weight. If you are losing weight for someone else, you will fail. If that person is removed from your life, you will no longer have the motivation to go through with your weight loss journey. Losing weight starts in your mind. Once you make up in your mind to do something, you can do it. Now the next step is getting people around you that will support you and push you to the finish line.

Your Support System

In most cases, your family is the greatest support system you can have. Your family should be your biggest fans and push you to succeed. They should be the ones rooting you on and making sure the days you feel like giving up, you don’t. The problem you can sometimes run into when it comes to family is that they may not push you in the right direction, and their support may not be the support you need. If you have a partner that has always been there to help you, it could be hard for them as you become independent. It is not that your partner does not want you to succeed, they sometimes begin to feel as if you do not need them. The reaction by your partner can be disappointing. Most families do not like to see you struggle or sad. They may not mean any harm by it, but they can start cooking meals and giving you foods that you should not have. They think one meal will not hurt. One meal may not hurt, but all it takes is one meal to get you off course. It is good having a support system outside of your family. Being able to talk with people that are going through the same thing is extremely helpful.

Support Groups

There are support groups for all types of bariatric procedures. Whatever procedure you have, you should be able to find a support group for it. The three most common support groups are for LapBand procedures, Gastric Bypass, and Gastric Sleeve. These three procedures are the most invasive and require the most recovery time. Since these procedures are so common and have been done for years, these support groups are much easier to find. You may have some trouble finding support groups for new procedures. These procedures include OBRERA and vBlock. There are other minimally invasive procedures being done as well. Sometimes, in this case, your greatest support systems are the physicians and nurses helping you as you recover. It may be good to talk with your physician about other support groups that can help you.

Where to Find Support Groups

There are many places to look for support groups. The first place is online. Sometimes just typing in “Bariatric Surgery Support Groups” will take you to a lot of options. It is best to look for something in your location. You can also find support groups on social media. Facebook is a good place to start. Some people post things like this on Facebook daily. Getting connected is always best. Lastly, the hospital where you had your surgery is a good option too. A lot of times, those hospitals have their support groups. Talk with your physician about those groups.

Any time you decided to lose weight, a support system is what you need to keep you going. You do not want to be around people that are pushing you to gain more weight or who continue to discourage you on your journey. Before even going into surgery, you should talk with those around you about what you need from them when it comes to supporting you. Tell them the things you do not want and explain to them ways they can help. Talk with your surgeon about support groups as well. They should be able to give you a list of support groups, and they may have former patients they can put you in contact with who can help you. Support is key. With a good support system, you can make it.


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