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The iBand is an innovative bariatric procedure that combines two procedures in one. iBand is a breakthrough procedure that is changing lives and making weight loss a little bit easier. As science advances, people begin to develop new treatments and methods that are better than the former. iBand is one of those advancements. Not only does weight loss become more effective, but the risks of the procedure is lowered. Most of us know that bariatric surgery is not an easy process. It takes time for recovery, and it has its risks. Finding a procedure that lowers the risks, recovery time, and improves weight loss is a scientific breakthrough. iBand is that breakthrough.

Weight Loss Procedures

Weight loss is never an easy process. Many people start off trying to lose weight on their own. When that fails, they proceed with weight loss plans. Sometimes these plans work for a while, but when you are morbidly obese, it may not be enough. Surgery is the last option for weight loss. It is not something you decide to do and have the next day. From the moment you decide on a weight loss procedure, it takes about three years before you have the procedure. Doctors have to decide if you are eligible for a procedure first. With every bariatric procedure, you have to have a certain BMI as well as certain health conditions. If you do not meet these criteria, you may not be a candidate for a bariatric procedure. There are several procedures. These procedures include:

  • LapBand Surgery
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Gastric Plication
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Adjustable Gastric Band

These are just some of the most common procedures, but new procedures are being created all the time.


iBand is one of those new procedures that has been created. iBand is a mix between LapBand and Gastric Plication. LapBand is a procedure that requires incisions in the abdomen. Instruments are used to place the band on the stomach. The band can be adjusted through a port in the abdomen. Gastric Plication is a procedure that folds the stomach on itself as a way to make the stomach smaller. The stomach is reduced up to 75%. The procedure is not terribly long, and you also achieve several benefits.

iBand Procedure

The iBand procedure is minimally invasive. The procedure begins with several small incisions in the abdomen. iBand requires the use of the same device as the LapBand procedure. Along with the LapBand device, a camera is put inside the abdomen so the surgeon can see inside. Once the band is in place, the stomach is folded and stapled together. The stomach is folded on itself. You get the same restriction you would if you had gastric bypass. Now that the stomach is half its size, you feel full faster. The band helps to limit the amount of food you can eat at one time. When you cannot eat a lot at once, and you feel full faster, weight loss is optimized.

Benefits of iBand

There are several benefits to the iBand procedure. One of the greatest benefits is lower risks with surgery. Since there are only small incisions, your risks of bleeding and infection are minimal. Another benefit that goes along with this is the fact that your stomach and intestines are not cut or removed; this alone lowers your risks. The procedure can be adjusted and reversed. Sometimes complications and side effects happen that require the removal of the device and the staples removed. One of the best benefits is the weight loss potential. Mixing two procedures together only optimizes weight loss. In most cases, two is better than one.


There are many risks to the iBand procedure. One of the greatest risks to the iBand procedure is that the outcome is not completely known. Since it is a new procedure, not many people have had it. Right now it is still in its clinical trials. Doctors and surgeons are performing this procedure so that they can see how effective it is. The cost of the procedure is increased because it mixes two procedures in one. Another risk is having a medical device inside of you at all times. Carrying this device is not so much a risk as it is a negative aspect of surgery. There are also risks of infection, loss of blood, and death. As more surgeries are done, there will be better statistics on the iBand procedure.

The iBand procedure is one that has great potential for being effective in weight loss. The downside to the iBand procedure is that it has not been performed enough times for surgeons to see the impact of it. iBand is in its clinical phase. Despite this downside, the procedure is one that is groundbreaking. Why focus on one bariatric procedure when you can combine two? iBand may be the first step in combination procedures. If you are looking for something new in bariatric surgery, talk with your bariatric surgeon about iBand. It could be the procedure you have been waiting for.


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