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Eczema-skin-allergy-allergic-allergist-top10mdIf you suffer from eczema, you are not alone; nearly 35 million people have eczema. Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition that it is both itchy and irritating. Eczema affects children more than adults. This is an interesting fact because there is no cure for eczema, so when children grow up, they become adults who will also have it. Eczema is probably considered more common in children because it is not managed as well. Eczema is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Although it looks bad, it is not contagious and is very manageable with the proper treatment.

Eczema is a skin condition that forms almost anywhere on your body. Some people have it worse than others. Some people do not have it at all. Eczema commonly forms on the knees, hands, and elbows. It may occur on the face, neck, or the stomach as well. Eczema is a result of a chemical release. Once these inflammatory chemicals release, you develop eczema symptoms. Symptoms are extremely annoying and may be very painful. As you get older, eczema tends to get better. Children cannot talk so it may be difficult for you to notice whether or not they are having symptoms. Here are a few points that will help you understand eczema in your child better.


Eczema is red, dry, and flaky skin. The skin can itch and burn really bad. Sometimes the itching gets so bad that you cause the skin to break and bleed. Weather makes a difference as well. Some people only have seasonal eczema. The winter time aggravates it because the air is dry. Cold and dry weather only makes it worse. Children will have red patches on their skin that are typically visible on the face and other areas of the skin. They will also itch a lot. Sometimes you have to put mittens on their hands to prevent them from irritating their eczema and making it bleed.


eczema-allergy-skin-allergic-allergist-top10mdEczema is easy to diagnose as it does not require tests. The doctor makes a diagnosis upon examination. The doctor may ask about symptoms as well. It has a distinct look that rules out other rashes and skin problems. In most instances, your pediatrician will diagnose it. Sometimes they may refer you to dermatologists. Dermatologists have more training in skin conditions and can usually give better treatments. They are also able to determine if there are other skin conditions going on or if the child has a more serious problem.

There is no way to determine whether or not your child will have eczema. It is not a genetic disorder that you can even diagnose in the womb. The risk factors include heredity. If you or your parents have the condition, there is a high probability your child will have it too. Some people are not born with eczema but develop it later in life. As stated earlier, there are those who only get it during certain seasons, such as winter. If you live in arid climates, you are also more susceptible to developing the condition.


There are many different treatments. Medication is the first form of treatment. Medication can come in a pill form. The medication will target the inflammatory response. If you can control the inflammatory chemicals, you will be able to control its production. The next method of treatment is ointment. The use of ointment is the most common method of treatment for both kids and adults.  Ointments are best for children because it is easier to use and it gives quick relief. Ointments ease the itching sensation and the burning. It is also useful for repairing damaged skin. The final method of treatment is light therapy. It sounds odd, but it is effective. Light therapy helps restore the skin to its original color and texture. With phototherapy, you will not have to do it daily. As your body gets used to it and it gets under control, phototherapy keeps eczema under control and prevents future flare-ups.  To assist with your care, you should make sure you keep your skin moisturized. If you do not keep the areas that have eczema moisturized, you will have even more dryness and cracking. The symptoms will only be worse.

Eczema is a common issue. It is common for children but is also an issue in adults. When it comes to eczema, just know you are not alone. You do not have to be embarrassed about it. Once you get your eczema under control, you can manage your symptoms. It may be harder to manage your child’s eczema, but you have to pay attention to whether or not their symptoms are getting better. Sometimes the method of treatment has to be adjusted for you to get the best results. Do not feel bad about your eczema, there is hope for you.


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