Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement

Your cervical spine is made up of seven bones, called cervical vertebrae, stacked on top of each other in your neck area. In between your vertebrae are cervical discs. Your cervical discs are as a cushion for your vertebrae. Dallas Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Cameron Carmody says, “Cervical discs are a marvel of the human body, they are amazing in their ability to absorb a large compressive load while also providing the range of motion between the bones in the neck.”

Cervical artificial disc replacement surgery involves removing a diseased or damaged cervical disc and replacing it with an artificial disc. When the space between your vertebrae has become too narrow and part of your vertebrae or your cervical disc is pressing on your spinal cord or spinal nerves it can cause weakness, numbness, or pain. When these symptoms do not respond to nonsurgical types of treatment, disc surgery may be recommended.

In the past, with traditional cervical disc surgery, the diseased disc is removed and your cervical vertebrae above and below the disc are fused together. The FDA has recently approved the use of an artificial disc to replace your natural cervical disc. This new procedure will allow more movement following surgery and place less stress on your remaining vertebrae.

The loss of space between your cervical vertebrae could result from cervical disc degeneration, or wear and tear. Cervical discs begin to bulge and collapse with age, beginning at age 60 for most people. Some have more symptoms than others from cervical disc degeneration.

Symptoms of Cervical Disc Degeneration

  • Headache
  • Neck stiffness
  • Pain that travels from the neck into the shoulders and arms
  • Numbness in the arms
  • Neck pain
  • Neurological symptoms

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