Breast Implants for Your Body Type

Your Breast Implant Options

The decision to undergo a breast augmentation is a personal decision that takes courage and conviction. Dr. Mark Mason, Medical Director of Southlake Plastic Surgery encourages you to use that self-confidence to educate yourself so you can be a partner with your board certified plastic surgeon in the choice of your new breast implants. “By doing this,” he shares, “You can be fully satisfied with your procedure and avoid the need for additional surgery.”

There are several thoughts to consider when choosing breast implants.

Know and Appreciate Your Body When Considering a Breast Implant

Height, weight, body frame, hip width, shoulder width, buttock size and starting breast volume all need to be taken into account when choosing a breast implant. In general, as all of these areas increase in size, the larger the implant needed to maintain proportion. For example, a woman standing at 5 feet and weighing 110 lbs will typically need a smaller implant that a woman standing at 5’10” and weighing 150 lbs.

Throw Bra Size out the Window

If you own a bra from both Target and Victorias Secret, you will agree that one bra puts you as an ‘A’ cup and one as a ‘C’ cup due to bra manufacturers sizing differently. So don’t worry about bra or cup size. You could end up with a ‘D’ cup and be very happy with the appearance of your body, making bra size irrelevant.

Use Implant Sizers

Implant sizers are silicone gel implants that can be used in the office to give patients an idea of what they can expect after surgery. Bring a tight sports bra with you to give you better compression and, therefore, a more accurate idea of the feel and size. Let your surgeon guide you as you try them on as they aren’t perfectly accurate, but can provide a good idea of postoperative breast implant size. If you are still unsure which size, don’t be afraid to visit your surgeon twice before deciding. Bring a friend with you for additional thoughts from someone you trust.

Exercise, Personality and Social Perception

breast-implant-types-teardrop-round-mark-mason-top10md-blog-activeIf you run, bike, or participate in sports, then you have to consider the tradeoff between larger breasts and performing your activities at your current comfort level. Breast augmentation won’t necessarily limit your activities but will feel different and need more support. Furthermore, your new breast size should enhance your body while still maintaining the real you. Don’t choose an implant size that could make your current activities cumbersome. Choose an implant size that maintains how you wish to be perceived in public. Talk to your surgeon about your goals and let your new implant size boost your confidence whether it’s at the gym, in a swimsuit, in a dress, or in your office attire.

Take a look at breast implant options and how they affect your body.

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Mark Mason, MD Plastic SurgeonDr. Mark Mason is a Southlake, Texas Plastic Surgeon Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Mason is Medical Director of Southlake Plastic Surgery. Dr. Mason has been in practice 16 years and has performed over 6,000 breast surgeries and has used every type of implant manufactured. He was even one of the investigators for the new FDA approved saline implant now available to patients, the Ideal Implant. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mason, click on his profile or call his office at 817.442.8900. Dr. Mason has been named Top10MD – an honor only 1-in- 3 doctors succeed within the United States.