Botox For Men Is Growing In Popularity

Men, Would You Consider Brotox?

Botox is a procedure often times pursued solely by women. Women are held to higher aging and beauty standards in comparison to men in society. However, in recent years, this long-held assumption is being challenged by an onslaught of men who are opting to pursue botox treatments. In fact, according to a study in the journal Cosmetic Dermatology, the number of Botox injections completed on men has boosted to 258 percent!

So the question is: Why is it suddenly becoming a more popular treatment for men?

  • The Economy – In the increasingly competitive job market, men are feeling more and more pressured to appear youthful and attractive. This is especially true when seeking a job. It’s been revealed in many studies that a youthful appearance allows an individual to gain more revenue than his or her older peers which is an important asset.
  • Appearance Benefits – Botox has long been referred to as the ideal solution to counter wrinkles. In addition, it makes one’s face look less tired and lessens sweat. Botox is one of the most common procedures used to secure the fountain of youth in the modern world. The desire for a flawless complexion and the achievement of it through Botox is the reason why it’s a standard practice in society.

If you are a male and on the fence about pursuing this procedure that has largely been unconventional for men until recent years, schedule a consultation to see to see if it is right for you. Men tend to require more doses of Botox than women do, but the procedure is dependent on each patient’s muscle mass, muscle fiber pattern, and hair distribution.

Dr. Patty Young is a Plano Texas Plastic Surgeon Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Young is Medical Director of Premier Plastic Surgery of Texas. Named Top10MD 2014 – 2018 – an honor only 1-in-3 doctors succeeds within the United States. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Patty Young, click on her profile or call her office at 972-398-1131.