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Oftentimes we can get so swept off our feet by how beautiful a model is, that we wonder, gosh what are her beauty secrets?  Several models who have been in the modeling industry for decades, have shared a few beauty tips that they’ve consistently practiced, in order to maintain their youthful glow, radiant skin and svelte bodies.

1. They Drink Plenty of Water to Stay Hydrated

As menial as this may sound, the difference between our body operating while being dehydrated and while being sufficiently hydrated is night and day! Amazingly, our bodies are made up of 50-65% water.  The beauty benefits that come with staying well hydrated are that it keeps your metabolism boosted and it keeps your skin youthful.  It is so important to drink plenty of water that if you feel you cannot drink that much liquid in a day, along with any tea, soda or juices, then start eliminating the other liquids! Water should take first priority.

2. Models Exercise Regularly

Interestingly, a huge benefit to exercising, is sweating, because it helps keep radiant skin.  Your pores open up, when the sweat and release toxins that are built up in the body. If you don’t sweat very often when working out, then go to the sauna afterwards. Exercise also boosts your mood and keeps the metabolism revved up even when you leave the gym.

3. They Prioritize Getting Enough Sleep

Again, this may seem like not a very important one, but getting enough sleep is important!  Despite how busy models’ schedules are, one thing they definitely work at doing is getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night. This will help their immune systems stay in check, it will lower the potential of them having puffy eyes or bags under their eyes, and it helps in preventing zits from popping up (along with drinking water).  It is also helpful on the body to develop a sleep pattern, so that it gets the rest it needs, without having to try to catch up after a few bad nights of less sleep.

4. Their Diet is Rich in Fiber

Here is something you don’t hear emphasized every day..fiber.  Fiber is key to a healthy digestive system. Furthermore, fiber fills you up longer, with less calories.  It keeps your metabolism up too because it takes more energy to digest it.  Food items that are high in fiber include, but are not limited to, beans, green leafy vegetables, apples, and some oatmeal and bran. Here is a more extensive list of high fiber foods.  Another added benefit is that eating plenty of fiber is going to help you keep your weight consistently in check.

Even though these tips may seem basic, if you stick to them very consistently, you will see vastly positive benefits to your body and your mental health.  We wish you the best of luck!

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