Benefits of Sleeping in The Nude

Whether you have slept in the nude before or can barely imagine the thought of it… let yourself live a little and experiment with this new habit, maybe it will bring an unanticipated joy just when you needed it! Here are 8 benefits of sleeping in the nude:
Self esteem. The more time you spend without clothes on, the more comfortable you are with your body and the more confidence you have, which is an attractive trait to others.
Ease.  You’re not wearing a different additional set of clothes each day, so that means less laundry.
Discourages that anti-social itch. Sometimes, after you get home from work, all you want to do is just get out of work clothes and put on comfy pajamas. Once this happens, you’re less prone to leave the house or be social! When you choose to sleep in the nude, then you’re forced to keep normal clothes on until you’re actually going to go to bed.
Your relationship with your partner is strengthened. Skin to skin contact encourages intimacy and increases oxytocin, a hormone that plays an important role in intimacy, elevating happiness, and reducing blood pressure and stress.
There’s nothing that encourages sex more than being naked. Plus the visual aspect plays an important role in sex.
You will get better quality sleep. Having fewer clothes on helps your body stay cooler, which in turn, helps you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer.  Plus, there are not drawstrings or baggy clothing to get in the way when you turn over or cause discomfort from being too restrictive.
Helps discourage back acne and leads to better skin. Allowing your skin to breathe, as well as your private parts, is very important.  During the day, most of our skin is covered and left in a restricted and hot environment.
It helps you age less rapidly. When you body temperature is up, a growth hormone is prevented from being released. And this hormone can help repair our skin as well as lead to less wrinkles!