Are You A C-Section Mama?

Most women desire to have a natural birth, but for those who cannot, a C-section is the next option. Nearly 1-in-3 women have a C-section due to a high-risk pregnancy or other health issues. A cesarean delivery or C-section is a surgical procedure for delivering a baby; they can be planned ahead of time, or due to unforeseen circumstances your surgeon may have to perform one during labor. No one wants to undergo surgery, but the procedure is relatively quick, and because you are under anesthesia, you will not feel any pain. 🙂

The Upside of C-Sections

  • The good thing is that a C-section is typically shorter than a vaginal delivery. When you deliver vaginally, labor can go for hours and days. A C-section is quick, and when the procedure is scheduled, you know for sure when your baby will arrive helping you to be more prepared.
  • Pain during the birthing process is minimal. You may be uncomfortable but not necessarily in pain. Now that you no longer have to push the baby out, you will not feel the contractions anymore, and there is no need for an episiotomy.
  • A C-section also prevents the vaginal walls from being overstretched, which can affect your sex life afterward.

The Risks of a C-Section

  • With any procedure, there are risks. One risk is an injury from the procedure. The OBGYN may not make a clean-cut which can lead to a scar; because you’ve had an incision your recovery time will be longer.
  • Infection is another risk because when an incision is made it places you at risk for an infection. Bleeding can be another problem if your blood doesn’t clot properly.
  • Some OBGYN’s believe endometriosis can occur which will eventually lead to painful sex.
  • After a C-section, future pregnancies may be challenging, especially if you have a lot of scar tissue.

Despite the high risks of complications, cesarean deliveries are very common these days. It is a good option for those who have high-risk pregnancies or suffer other health conditions. C-sections are typically scheduled in advance. Vaginal delivery complications may happen and cause you to have an emergency C-section. Whatever the case may be, know a board-certified OBGYN will take good care of you and suggest the best method of delivery. No matter what the delivery method is, the important thing is to have a healthy mom and a healthy baby.

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