Allergy Report: What is it and how can it help you?

We often see pollen counts and allergy reports on the local news and ignore them.  Have you ever asked yourself this question? Do you continually wake up with a stuffy nose, headache, or feeling less than your best?  Perhaps, like millions of Americans, you suffer from allergies.  Did you know there is a way to predict the likelihood of having allergy problems in your area on any given day?
Everyday your news station as well as the popular website,, forecast the daily allergy report  to let you know what pollen are going to be in the air and how severe they will be.

The Allergy Report

The allergy report is measured as low, medium, or high. Government organizations and hospitals place pollen counters on the top of tall buildings in the to area calculate pollen counts. Often times, information is taken from various buildings in the city to give an overall average of the count to determine the severity of the Pollens in the air we breathe.
Pollen tests measure the amount of pollen from three major categories – trees, grass, and weeds. Under each major category there are several types of different allergens.
After analyzing the pollen count, a fairly accurate 3-4 day allergy report forecast is created.  By looking at the forecast, you can determine the likelihood of battling allergies on any given day.  Most people don’t know what they are allergic too; therefore, battle constant symptoms that can be avoided.

Allergists | ENT

In finding a great ENT – Allergist, you can become aware of the specific pollens in the air that you are allergic to and can then be instructed on what you can do to prevent being affected by those various pollens.  Wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind in knowing you won’t wake up with terrible symptoms that affect your productivity throughout the day, especially during seasons of high pollen counts in pollens that you are specifically allergic to?
Browse your city on and find a credentialed top Allergist in your area that can help you learn what to look for in an allergy report. Take the steps to prevent a lifetime of allergies and live allergy free.