Addictive Foods To Stay Away From

It should come as no surprise to anyone that ice cream and chocolate are more addictive than fruits and vegetables. New studies show that processed foods are not just problematic for your health but potentially addictive.

Most of us have seen the results of the study showing Oreos being potential as addictive as heroin. It has been a hot health topic for over a year. Researchers have found specific foods we should approach with caution.

At times, you might lose control over how much you eat, feeling withdrawal if you are cut off. This addictive potential you are feeling can be affected by how fast the food is absorbed into the body causing a spike in blood sugar. These qualities could make foods more difficult to stop eating in a similar way as drugs that are highly concentrated and rapidly absorbed into the body are more addictive. Sugar in highly processed foods is absorbed more quickly than low glycemic foods such as vegetables. Processed foods, higher in sugar, were almost all considered worse on the scale than unprocessed ones, according to the study.

Top Addictive Foods

At the top of the list of addictive foods were pizza, chocolate, chips, ice cream, cookies, French fries, cake, and soda, which are all considered processed foods. The least addictive food is beans with no sauce, followed by broccoli, cucumbers, water and brown rice.

Symptoms of Food Addiction

Many of the symptoms of food addiction look like drug addiction, including that people need more and more of the food item to get the same effect. Consistently ordering pizza or indulging in ice cream every night may make you feel better at the immediate moment, but have more negative consequences as addiction sets in. When you’re addicted, you accept negative consequences to obtain it and feel the anxiety of withdrawal when you can’t have it. Although a milkshake and a handful of almonds might have the same number of calories, they will have different effects on your brain and your reward system, making you much more likely to go back to get more of the milkshake.

Be aware, and make better choices. When possible, stay home and cook a meal and avoid processed foods and meals that are addictive and hazardous to your health.


  • Avoid fast foods
  • Avoid soda & sugary drinks & juice
  • Drink hormone free milk
  • Eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains
  • Eat hormone-free meat
  • Understand what has been added to your food

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