A Hairy Situation | Hair Loss Treatment & More

If you are looking to slow the rate that your hair is thinning or stimulate the growth of new hairs, there is a broad range of non-surgical hair restoration and hair loss treatment options available.

Many hair restoration products are designed to help you prevent hair loss and promote the regrowth of hairs that aren’t progressing as they should. It can be overwhelming and difficult to predict which one of these products are effective, not to mention choosing the one that is right for you or your loved ones. Treatment products for hair loss range from hairpieces to special hair products to prescription medications. These are the main non-surgical hair loss treatment available:

  • Shampoos/Topical Products

    Products that contain Minoxidil, like Rogaine, have been approved by the FDA to help you regrow hair and slow your hair loss. However, it doesn’t work for everyone. You may be one of the people who benefit from Minoxidil products, but there is also a chance you will not experience any change in your hair loss. Your hair loss specialist may prescribe Minoxidil products because they believe it is worth trying before exploring more invasive and expensive treatments. Your physician/hair loss specialist may prescribe you with Retin-A (a treatment for skin conditions) in conjunction with a Minoxidil product to help increase the absorption of Minoxidil into your hair follicles.

  • Laser Hair Loss Treatments

    Low-level laser systems increase blood flow and nutrition to your hair follicles in an attempt to stimulate hair growth. You can achieve enhanced results when your laser treatments are combined with products containing minoxidil.

  • Hair Replacement Pieces

    Full wigs, cap wigs, weaves, and integration hairpieces can conceal bald spots and hair thinning caused by hair loss. Hairpieces are constructed from a variety of materials that range from the highest quality human hair to cost-effective synthetics. New methods for attaching hairs to the hairpiece base allows for a more natural looking hairline and hair patterns. Always examine hairpieces in person before ordering.

How effective are these hair loss products?

Many marketers of hair restoration products like shampoos, lotions, and pills have made unverified claims about the effectiveness of their products. The only commercial hair loss treatments approved by the FDA are minoxidil and finasteride, and these have limited effectiveness. Consult with a reliable hair restoration specialist, one who is capable of suggesting products and treatments that are proven to work. Going to someone with experience in hair regrowth and hair loss will help to ensure you are being provided with the best results possible.

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