8 Facts About Sperm

There are a lot of rumors out there about sperm but what are the facts? We share 8 facts every man and woman should know and put the confusion to rest!

  • Temperature does affect his sperm count. Think of this in relation to the changing seasons. During the summer, the count is its lowest and during the winter, it is the highest. Whether it’s a hot shower or sitting in a hot tub, these things can lower his count dramatically. One doctor said, “If you’re trying to have kids, don’t go in hot tubs.”
  • Masturbation does not affect sperm count. Unlike women, men do not have a limited number of swimmers that can get used up. Endocrinologist Carrie Wambach says that so long as he has a normal count, frequent ejaculation should have little impact on the sperm count other than maybe lessening the volume.
  • Pineapple and other foods won’t necessarily make him taste better. Board certified urologist, Harry Fisch, acknowledges that sperm does have fructose content, but there has yet to have been a study on the correlation between foods a guy eats and the taste of his semen. On another note, there is still a lot of anecdotal evidence with pineapples, so it doesn’t hurt to try!
  • The X & Y chromosomes are created equal. It is a myth that neither the male or the female sperm is more resilient than the other, or swims faster than the other.
  • They are speedy little fellows and concentrated right from the start. Yes, the first moment of ejaculation is when the sperm is the most concentrated and moves the most quickly.
  • Sperm can stick around for as long as five days. Don’t be misled; semen doesn’t remain in the body for only 48 hours, it can hang inside the body for almost a week, this depends mostly on how healthy the mucus lining of your cervix is. During ovulation, the lining is the most fertile and can foster the environment of the sperm.
  • Women are not allergic to semen. Contrary to popular opinion, it is very rare for women to be allergic. Although inflammation and redness are evidenced, these factors are more likely to be caused by a vaginal infection.
  • Sperm has a long journey in the male’s body before ejaculation. It is prepped for over two months in the male’s body before being released. It begins in the testicles, moves to the epididymis, then through the vas deferens, and finally, mixed with a fluid in the seminal vesicles to form semen. Lastly, it travels through the prostate before ejaculating.