5 Tips To Keep Your Face Clear

We’ve all experienced it­—the dreaded pimple that appears the day of an important event. While this may only seem like a minor inconvenience, having acne can decrease someone’s confidence tenfold. The most frustrating part is that you have already tried every over-the-counter face wash that promises “clear skin, instantly!” You try and try again, but nothing seems to keep your skin clear.

In order to effectively fight acne, one must understand why they have acne in the first place. Most will blame hormones or genetics, but there are actually numerous other causes of acne besides these core triggers.

Makeup Ingredients

Covering up blemishes is a great temporary fix, but it is important to be aware of the ingredients used in the makeup. Ingredients such as mineral oil, isopropyl myristate, artificial fragrance, and synthetic lanolin can be damaging to the skin and can cause further irritation.

Makeup Brushes

One important tip to keep your skin clear is to make sure that your makeup brushes are free of any unwanted bacteria or dirt. Washing your makeup brushes once a week is a key component to preventing acne.


Certain oils found in hairsprays can onset acne. We recommend using a tissue to shield your forehead from the spray.


We recommend washing your pillowcase to prevent oils from building upon its surface.

Stop Touching!

We all know it, but we keep doing it anyway—it’s time to stop touching our face. Whether it’s a nervous habit or if there is a pesky pimple, the moments of satisfaction are not worth the amount of filth you transfer onto your face.

If you continue to struggle with your skin we recommend seeing a dermatologist who can accurately prescribe a skin care routine for you.