5 of the Worst Skincare Habits We All Do

It’s pretty common to struggle with that feeling that no matter what skincare routines you try, your skin never seems to have that flawless look. Even though this may seem to be the case, there are definitely some basic mistakes that we can stop doing to be on the road to clearer skin. Get informed on these 5 common bad habits that keep your skin from looking its best!

1. Not removing your makeup at night. We know it’s tempting, you’ve had a long day and you just want to kick your heels up and lay down. But inevitably, that can sometimes end in you going to sleep with your makeup still on! If it helps, think of it this way, from putting on makeup at 8am to leaving it on until 11pm at night, you have had makeup on your face for 15 hours! By sleeping with makeup on, it could feasibly be on your face for 23 hours, clogging pores and creating all kinds of skin issues.  If you struggle with this bad habit, keep a box of makeup wipes by your bedside to prevent this from happening.

2. Not wearing SPF on a regular basis. More than likely, even if you’re at a desk job, working long hours, chances are, you are outside some, every day. Now I know what you’re saying, “But it’s only for a short amount of time.” Well, all those “short amounts of times” add up and compound over time. Believe it or not, all those times of being exposed to the sun can actually add up to getting wrinkles and sun spots as early as age 25! So, instead of feeling like you have to add a bunch of layers of products to your face, choose a moisturizer that already has an SPF in it.

3. Touching your face throughout the day. This is oftentimes something we don’t even notice. But how many surfaces and things do we touch with our hands that are covered with germs, dirt and bacteria? It’s really frightening to then think we are bringing those things to our face without realizing it an easily causing pimples or breakouts to our skin. As hard as it is, focus on breaking this habit, and remember to wash your hands often too!

4. Popping your pimples. Very realistically, popping pimples is a very short-term solution for a potentially long-term problem. The main problem with this is that you are breaking the skin and immediately exposing it to dirt and oils from your hands. Ultimately, this can cause infection and scarring. Instead of popping the pimple, put on an acne spot treatment, after washing your face.

5. Not using moisturizer because you have oily skin. This is a common misconception.. that you shouldn’t put on moisturizer because your skin is already greasy. Well guess what? Your oil glands are working overtime to produce oil, because your skin doesn’t have enough moisture. With this being the case, definitely don’t skip your moisturizer, not even in the hot Summer time, especially if this is also where you get your daily SPF.

I hope these habit and tips have given you awareness and also a game plan to healthier skin!