Credentialing Validation Process

Credentialing Validation Process

Confirming Our Doctors

Credentialing is a formal recognition and attestation that a Doctor’s credentials are accurate, current and with the clinical experience you are looking for.

Top10MD validates that all Doctors named a Top10MD are; Board certified and licensed in the state they practice, their medical licenses are not subject to excessive complaints and do not have any serious patient care sanctions within the last 10 years. A Top10MD has current malpractice insurance,  DEA and DPS registrations with no sanctions. Lastly, our doctor’s patient satisfaction scores are scored annually and each of our doctors have five+ years experience and/or 300 procedures performed in their chosen specialty.

Top10MD is not a popularity site where doctors vote for by their peers, as a doctor’s peers rarely see patient results, specifically in outpatient settings. Our validation process is designed to give you, the patient, peace of mind that the doctor you have chosen has the qualifications they represent, and have met the appropriate standards with the experience you and your love ones are looking for.

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