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Having problems with you brain or spine? Or maybe you have experienced trauma, vascular disorders and not sure where to turn? It can be a challenge to know what steps to take and who to talk to concerning your condition. A Neurosurgeon is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders which affect any portion of the nervous system. The nervous system includes:

The Nervous System

Conditions of the Nervous System

Diagnostic Testing of the Nervous System

All of these tests help the surgeon to figure out what problem you might have. Both procedures and medications can help with treatment and symptoms. Sometimes there is no cure for certain progressive diseases, but medication can slow down the progression and mask symptoms to ease pain or discomfort.

Procedures Performed by Neurosurgeons

We all want the best doctors when it comes to our well-being. A neurosurgeon works on not only the brain but also the back/ spine, and neck. Leg pain? Call your neurosurgeon. Today’s advancements in neurosurgery help neurosurgeons provide you with the best diagnosis and treatments available.

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