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facial fat grafting md top10md Facial fat grafting may seem like an unusual procedure, but it can add life to the face. When it comes to fat, we all want to stay away from it. Fat tends to settle in the worst spots. It can make our face look round and give us love handles, and no one wants that, or do you? Many women are choosing to remove fat from their stomach and adding it to the waist and butt. It gives them that hourglass shape and rids them of those unwanted stomach rolls. The stomach is not the only place fat is being transferred. Now fat is being placed in the face. Adding a little fat to the face can solve a lot of problems and give you your youth back.

The face is an important part of you. It says a lot about you. Sometimes our faces show exactly what we are thinking and feeling. Getting older affects our whole body, especially our face. Wrinkles begin to form, some parts sag, and the face may lose volume. Losing weight is a major source of volume loss in the face. As the weight comes off, it can leave your face looking lifeless. Fat can be grafted from many different places and added to the face in some different ways.

Fat Grafting Procedure

There are different names for fat grafting. Fat grafting may also be called fat injections or fat transfers. The procedure requires the transfer of fat from an unwanted place to a place that you need fat. The source of fat for most people comes from the stomach area. Sometimes they may take fat from the thighs, but the stomach seems to be the biggest problem area for many. The fat transfer should not make you look as if you have gained weight. The fat should only add volume. It is not added just anywhere. Fat is transferred to the jawline, lower eye, cheeks, and folds between the nose and lips.

Techniques of Liposuction

There are three steps to fat grafting. It does not just happen in one step. The first step of fat grafting is liposuction. Liposuction is the processfacial fat grafting md top10md of simply sucking out the fat. The doctor marks the areas you want fat removed. Other places include the back, neck, and underarm. These areas create the biggest problems for fat loss. There are several techniques for liposuction. The one that most of us are familiar with is the suction technique. When you are fat grafting, the suction technique is typically the best. The laser typically uses heat to destroy the fat. If the fat is destroyed, you cannot use it elsewhere. The best methods for suction is manual or power assisted suction. The doctor inserts a tube into the area where the fat needs to be removed. The power of the suction removes the fat and puts it into a container. The size of the container is dependent upon how much fat is being removed.


The next step is to take the fat from the container and centrifuge it. The centrifuge process separates the fat from other things that might be mixed in with the fat. The surgeon only wants to inject fat, not other fluids. After the centrifuge process is over, the fat is transferred to an injection needle. The surgeon then places the needle in the areas of the face you need it most.

Fat Injection Treatment

Fat injections can treat many facial issues including:

You may have previously thought you need implants or other procedures to attain the look you want, but that is not the case at all. The main downside to fat injections in the face is that they may not last. Fat cells like any other cells do die. If too many of the cells die, you will only see change temporarily; this is not a common occurrence. Most of the fat survives and stays permanently. There will be no need for more surgery. To compensate for the possible fat loss, the surgeon will always inject a tad bit more than you need. When surgery is over, you may feel as if you made a bad decision. You have to remember that you will be swollen, and it takes time for that swelling to go down. It may be about two weeks before the swelling completely leaves. After the swelling is gone, you should be able to see the real results. Looking at the before and after pictures can help you see just how much of an impact the injections have had.

Fat grafting is a very useful tool in plastic surgery. It is a procedure that gives a subtle, natural looking change. It can take years off the face. Along with fat grafting for the face, you can take that excess fat off other areas. Sounds like a win-win situation. If you feel like your face needs some fullness and life, talk with a plastic surgeon about fat-grafting. It can make a huge difference.


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