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Constipation is something that everyone experiences and hates having to go through. It leaves you feeling uneasy and uncomfortable. There are many different causes of constipation. It can be a result of surgery, or it can happen because of a digestive disorder. An obvious symptom of constipation is the inability to have a bowel movement, but there are other symptoms as well. In most cases, you do not have to go to a doctor for constipation. If the situation continues to happen, you may have to see a doctor because you can have a more serious health condition.

Constipation md top10mdWhat causes constipation?

Everyone has a different regularity when it comes to bowel movements. It may be normal for some people to go daily and others may go only every couple of days. Constipation occurs when the intestine absorbs too much water. The feces within the body becomes too hard making it difficult to release. Diarrhea is simply the intestines inability to absorb water, so the feces is loose and flows like water. Constipation may also be a result of the muscles that do not contract properly. To have a bowel movement, your intestine must contract and move the feces down the intestine. The muscles in the intestine work like the muscles in the esophagus. If the muscles are not functioning properly, your bowels will get stuck.


One of the first symptoms of constipation is the inability to have a bowel movement. Most of us feel the urge to go to the bathroom but when we try, we cannot. You can be constipated and only pass a little bit of the bowel. Not being able to empty the bowel totally reveals constipation. If you go several days to weeks without a bowel movement, you are also constipated. Holding onto that can make us feel very heavy and sluggish. Another symptom of constipation is vomiting. Sometimes vomiting accompanies constipation because of a possible virus or infection. You will feel a lot of cramping and pain in the stomach. Your stomach may even look bloated or swollen. The intestines are in the stomach region, so when they are swollen you will notice your stomach swelling.


There is no one cause of constipation. It can be a result of many different things. One source of constipation is pregnancy. Constipation can be considered a symptom of pregnancy. Not eating enough fiber and eating a diet full of dairy can make you feel clogged. Water is very important in your diet. Not having enough water in your system will certainly lead to constipation. Illnesses like colon cancer and eating disorders can throw off your regularity. Muscles do not only control bowel movements but by nerves do as well. When you have a nerve condition like Parkinson’s disease, you lose control of your bowel movements. Surprisingly your emotions can have a major effect on your ability to use the bathroom. Sometimes when you are traveling, you notice you cannot go to the bathroom freely. You may be constipated due to feeling uncomfortable. Stress can be another emotional factor. Whenever you have surgery, you are susceptible to constipation. The bowels do not move properly when you are immobile.


Constipation is treated in different ways. Some people prefer to make their Constipation md top10mdhome remedies while others use different forms of medication. If you do not like taking medication, you should try to change your diet. Make sure you drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. It may seem old school but prune juice is great for promoting bowel movements. Laxatives are typically the quickest way to solve to constipation. Some common laxatives include Dulcolax and Milk of Magnesia. There are also different types of tea that help with bowel movements. Sometimes constipation is hard to treat when it is a symptom of some other disease in the digestive system. The best thing to do in that case is take the medication the doctor prescribes. If constipation is a result of an allergy you have certain foods, try to avoid those foods. When none of these treatments work, make an appointment with your doctor.


In most cases constipation can be prevented. Sometimes all it takes is us drinking more water and eating less fatty foods. Adding fiber to your everyday diet may also help. You should try to stay active. Sitting around too much prevents the bowels from moving like they should. If dairy products keep you clogged, you should avoid those and try lactose-free products.

Constipation is very uncomfortable and should be treated. Constipation is not normal. If you find yourself dealing with constipation for more than a couple weeks, you should seek medical attention. That could be another serious condition. When you are constipated, you tend to feel heavy and bloated. The body is not meant to hold on to feces. When you are constipated for too long, you can become sick. Try to drink more water and use a laxative to help clean you out. Constipation affects everyone. Don’t go through life unable to lay aside your heavy load. Get the treatment you need to help you become regular again.


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