5 months ago

written by Robert Wilcox, MD

Gynecomastia is an unfortunate and bothersome condition that affects roughly 70% of men 50 years of age and older.

Gynecomastia is an overgrowth of the tissue of the male chest, which is a combination of fatty tissue, as well as the normal glandular tissue found in men and women. Obesity can lease to a predominance of the fatty portion of gynecomastia whereas causes can lead to an overgrowth of the normal glandular breath tissues found in both genders. There are numerous cases of gynecomastia. Anabolic steroid use including those found over the counter without a prescription and legally sold in health food stores such as GNC, multiple prescription medications for unrelated conditions, marijuana usage, but most commonly there is no identifiable cause. Heavy alcohol use and liver conditions can also lead to gynecomastia. It is extremely common at the onset of puberty, the majority of cases reverse themselves within a year and a half.

When gynecomastia has been present for two years of longer, it is extremely unlikely to reverse itself. In this situation, surgery is indicated to relieve the unsatisfactory appearance as well as the, sometimes, encountered painful cases of gynecomastia.

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