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Yes, we’ve all heard it before, if you do this and do that, you can lose weight. Or… if you just tweak this one thing, the pounds are going to melt right off of you. Well, that’s not what I want to address today. I want to give you a couple doable actions and habits that are golden rules for keeping your weight in check (even through the wonderful holidays)!

1. Don’t Skip Mealsskipping meals

We all know the common train of thought…Oh I’m not a breakfast person and better yet, if I don’t eat breakfast (skip out on dinner etc) then I’m saving on the calories, right? Wrong! The problem is, our body is programmed to notice if it’s not getting the nutrients it needs. And when alerts go off in your body thinking you may not get any food for an extended period of time, it’s going to act like it’s in starvation mode and hold on to everything it’s got. This could work against you in the long run. It’s best to eat modest portions, regularly, to help your metabolism and your blood sugar levels stay as steady and regular as possible

2. Avoid Extremes

Avoiding extremes means, avoiding crash diets that cannot be sustained for extended periods of time. If you try to eat too little for several days, your body will compensate for it later on, and you can easily gain back all the weight and more. Furthermore, eating too little can only be sustained for so long until eventually, you just binge because your body and blood sugar levels are causing you to crave any food that comes into sight. Thus, it’s most important to just set realistic goals for yourself when it comes to regular exercise and balanced eating.

3. Let yourself Indulge on Fun Foods Once in a Whilegirl indulging

One of the main reasons people might binge on junk food is because they deprive themselves of eating any of it for too long. And then the thought process might be, well, now that I’ve cheated, I might as well eat as much junk food as I can before I get deprived from it for the next month. That type of pattern is going to mess you up because it’s hard to ever stop avoiding those binging moments. Instead, try to think of your balanced eating as 80/20. This means, 80% of the time, try to eat well, and 20% of the time, if you have a dessert of some pasta dish, don’t think that you’ve failed, just know you are going to eat better for the next several consecutive meals. This is a lot more sustainable way to view the situation and to adapt to a healthy eating pattern and lifestyle.

healthy dinner4. Don’t Deprive Your Taste Buds

Believe it or not, healthy food can be very delicious and enjoyable! Eating healthily is not about eating tasteless foods. Perhaps research recipes carefully and see what added spices they call for that you wouldn’t have otherwise used. Enjoying our food is a way that our stomach will actually feel satisfied, so don’t think you’re stuck in a one-line assembly of tasteless foods in order to eat well. There is a whole host of delicious options of food that are ok to eat while still living a healthy lifestyle.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Did you know that the majority of the time we think we are hungry, it’s actually very probable that our body might just be dehydrated and need water? Because our bodies are roughly 60-70% water, drink up! This will lend to healthy skin, healthy hair, and happy organs! So stop drinking those sodas and try to start replacing them with more water.


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