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The Mistakes We Often Make When Trying To Dress Warmly

More often than not, people have trouble dressing and staying warm during these bitter bouts of cold during the winter season. Yes, it’s true that your body is going to prioritize keeping your organs warm, around your core, more so than your extremities, but did you know that the reason your limbs are cold is because your body is not successfully warming your core? So how do we properly warm our core? We do this through proper layering.

Rules of Layering

The way layers work, is through trapping a layer of heat that provides additional insulation. Each additional layer you add, makes the underneath layer have an easier job at keeping you warm.

Base Layers

Base layers are meant to keep you dry by sucking moisture off of your skin. Why is it important to stay dry? Because otherwise, the moisture can soak through clothes, reducing your ability to stay warm. The material of the layers is critical as well. Thanks to technology, synthetic layers are a great choice because they are fast drying. One option of a synthetic base layer is the GoLite long sleeve shirt. Wool is another great layering option and they now have very thin natural wool threads to create thin wool layer options as well.


Mid layers are where you want to add bulky insulation such as a fleece (and sweatpants for your legs). This is also the first layer you will shed as you get warmer. Another option is a Merino wool sweater to add on top of your base layers and beneath a vest or jacket.

The Shell

If it’s rainy or snowy outside, you definitely want to be protected from the elements by putting on a shell. Often you may see jackets labeled “hard shell” or “soft shell.” Typically “hard shells” are better at keeping the weather off than soft shell jackets.

Besides Keeping The Torso Warm

It’s also important not to neglect your limbs and other forgotten areas of the body that release heat. Areas such as your neck, ears, head and hands have blood vessels that run closer to the surface of the skin, giving off heat more quickly.

Don’t Neglect Your Legs

Another common mistake people make is this: They may have on a coat, wool socks, boots, a hat, gloves, etc.. but they only have jeans on their legs. And why are they still cold? In this case, it’s because they are not doing a good job at insulating their legs, and thus, they’re still shedding so much heat from the lower half of their body. If you choose to wear jeans, it’s important to have a thin insulating layer beneath them, such as Hot Chilly’s base layer pants.

I hope these tips help you make the right wardrobe choices when braving the cold this winter!


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