3 years ago

Google Glass is gaining popularity in the medical world. A 1.8 ounce computer, configured as a pair of glasses, is now finding it’s way into the medical world as a premier teaching tool.  Being able to record surgeries, hands-free, from the surgeon’s point of view has become a game changer!  Colleagues or medical students alike can now utilize these streaming surgeries.

Cardiothoracic surgeon, Pierre Theordore, M.D., has taken this new technology one step further.  By pre-loading x-ray images onto the Google glass, he is able to immediately reference them in his field of vision, and compare them to the actual surgical site.

Theodore explains that having these x-rays in your field of vision, without having to leave the operating room, allows you to maintain your attention 100% on the patient without interruption.  Having immediate access to valuable data, Theodore believes, is an essential part to making critical decisions accurately, which leads to better surgical outcomes for patients.

Dr. Theodore is the first surgeon to be given clearance on this tool as an auxiliary device from the local institutional Review Board (IRB).

If it seems hard to imagine, Theodore compares the screen to a tic tac toe board where his valuable information is in the top right hand corner and if he needs it, it’s there, but it also isn’t in the way of his normal field of vision. This is also similar to the idea of a rear view mirror.

Bridging the Gap

It’s possible that this new wearable technology is going to help break down geographical barriers, allowing surgeons in remote parts of the world to observe how the United States is performing more modern procedures. Google Glass will also provide a way to have live streaming feedback during surgery, for surgeons to teach modern surgical techniques, in live time, to surgeons in other parts of the world.

The numerous potential options for Google Glass are going to be revolutionary in the healthcare world.  With this new technology, it is now upon our doctors and researches to find out how far we can take it.



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