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Feeling like your skin could use a boost? There’s a new procedure using what your body already produces – Platelet Rich Plasma.

Platelets are two fold: They are cells in the body which initially respond to trauma by initiating a clotting cascade to stop bleeding. In addition, platelets also initiate the healing process by releasing various cytokines and growth factors which stimulate would healing and collagen formation.

To help with healing wounds post-op, platelets have been used extensively and can now renew skin through introducing collagen.

The Breakdown of How It Works

Platelets are isolated from the blood stream by drawing blood and filtering the blood through a specialized filter using a centrifuge.

The red blood cells are then removed leaving a clear layer called the platelet rich plasma or PRP.

The PRP is then applied to the desired areas using microneedling or directly injected into the area. Microneedling is virtually painless creating hundreds of tiny, invisible punctures in the skin. These include dermal rollers and/or specialized devices such as the SkinPen, Dermapen, or MicroPen.

How is Eclipse PRP HC Different?

The Eclipse system provides a high volume of high concentration PRP making it a very effective system to generate PRP. This patented technology is very straightforward  – it involves a simple blood draw and 10 minute centrifuge cycle. john-burns-md-dallas-plastic-surgery-institute-prp-eclipse-collagen-top10md

What To Expect

Once purified, the PRP is used to treat the skin and applied by directly injecting into the area. Microneedling devices are rolled or glided over the skin making small holes of variable depths: 0.5mm to 2.5mm. The holes provide a channel where PRP can be delivered to the deeper skin layers. The stimulation that microneedling provides paired with collagen induction increases the effect PRP provides – leaving skin smoother, softer, and even more beautiful with time.

Dr. John Burns is a Dallas Plastic Surgeon and Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Burns is a member of the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Burns, click on his profile or call his office at 214-515-0002.  Dr. John Burns has been named Top10MD for four years. Top10MD is an honor only 1-in-3 doctors succeeds with this recognition in the United States.


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Kybella is the newest non-surgical procedure that will remove your excess chin fat and have you back to work the next day.  This FDA approved new injectable treatment targets stubborn excess fat around the chin and has minimal down time. Sometimes, diet and exercise just isn’t enough.

Why is Kybella a Hot Trend?

  •       Non-invasive – that means no surgery!
  •       Quick, in-office treatment sessions
  •       Long-lasting results

How Kybella Works

Kybella breaks down excess fat cells over a period of time; an average patient requires two to four treatments to reach their cosmetic goals.  The treatment area is injected with a natural compound in the body called deoxycholic acid that breaks down the extra fat cells. When this process occurs, the body naturally removes the excess cells over a period of time, which results in a natural more defined chin. Remember, this treatment is for targeting fat tissue only – if you suffer from loose skin around the chin, Kybella may not be the best option for you.

Who Performs The Procedure?

It is best to find a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the Kybella procedure. They should first draw a plan by mapping the fat tissue volume on the skin, guiding the injection pattern for the procedure. Then, a series of evenly spread injections are administered over a number of sessions determined by the surgeon.

What To Expect With Recovery

Swelling, bruising, and numbness is expected but is easily managed and gone within the first couple of days. The average patient typically requires three to four treatments to see visible results.

Dr. Denton Watumull is a Dallas Plastic Surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with 9 years of residency and fellowship training at UT Southwestern Medical Center and over 25 years of practice experience. Your safety and an individualized approach is of primary importance to Dr. Watumull. For more information about breast surgery options or for more information about Dr. Watumull, please visit You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Watumull, by calling (972)470-5000.


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Although it may seem like plastic surgery is always associated with women, that is a misleading notion. Men are increasingly pursuing plastic surgery as a way to remove any insecurities about their body. In fact, there are five popular plastic surgery procedures for men that have skyrocketed in recent years.

  • Gynecomastia/ Male Breast Reduction – Becoming increasingly popular as men have become more comfortable with it, in 2016 alone, 31,000 of these procedures were performed. Men seem to really despise the condition of having larger breasts and are eager to decrease them even though their female partners may not understand why. Men can care about their bodies just as much as women do.
  • Liposuction – Liposuction for the abdomen or love handles has always been a common surgical procedure for men because it is a one-time procedure. Once the fat cells are removed from the chosen area, they do not come back.
  • Eyelid Surgery – Just as popular with women, eyelid surgery is prevalent among men as it is practical and cosmetic. If an eyelid is interfering with one’s vision, it can easily be lifted to ensure the patient’s eye is fully functional again. In addition to an eyelift’s functional benefits, it can take years off of your face. Because of its multiple purposes, eyelid surgery is like killing two birds with one stone.
  • Botox/Facelift – Improving men’s visible signs of aging in the face and neck through the means of Botox and facelifts is appealing because it can help them look younger and fresher without going through a long surgical procedure. Some key differences between men and women that plastic surgeons have to be mindful of, however, is that men tend to have beards, thicker skin, and an approximately ten-millimeter strip of hairless skin in front of their ears.
  • Nose Surgery – Although this surgery is most known for being conducted on women, men tend to opt for it as well these days as they are no longer inhibited by the strong stigma against it. However, it is often young or teen men that pursue it. Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is known to be a great self-esteem booster. Plus, in the age of selfies, a flattering selfie taken by a man with a new and improved nose can do wonders to impress someone on Facebook.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Wilcox is a highly respected member of the plastic surgery community and has served as the past President of the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. With 24+ years of experience, he has established an unsurpassed track record of surgical skill and integrity. Dr. Wilcox is the Founder and Director of the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas. Dr. Robert Wilcox has been named Top10MD 2015-2017. Only 1 in 3 doctors succeeds with this recognition in the United States. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Wilcox link to his profile or call 972.372.9313 today.


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Gynecomastia is an unfortunate and bothersome condition that affects roughly 70% of men 50 years of age and older.

Gynecomastia is an overgrowth of the tissue of the male chest, which is a combination of fatty tissue, as well as the normal glandular tissue found in men and women. Obesity can lease to a predominance of the fatty portion of gynecomastia whereas causes can lead to an overgrowth of the normal glandular breath tissues found in both genders. There are numerous cases of gynecomastia. Anabolic steroid use including those found over the counter without a prescription and legally sold in health food stores such as GNC, multiple prescription medications for unrelated conditions, marijuana usage, but most commonly there is no identifiable cause. Heavy alcohol use and liver conditions can also lead to gynecomastia. It is extremely common at the onset of puberty, the majority of cases reverse themselves within a year and a half.

When gynecomastia has been present for two years of longer, it is extremely unlikely to reverse itself. In this situation, surgery is indicated to relieve the unsatisfactory appearance as well as the, sometimes, encountered painful cases of gynecomastia.

Summer is just around the corner. Don’t spend another one hidden behind an oversized t-shirt at the pool. Call Dr. Wilcox today for your consultation.



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As we are closing out 2016, it’s time to start thinking about your resolutions for the New Year. Is a tummy tuck something you’ve considered but had repeatedly put off over the years? Perhaps 2017 is the time to act! Between 2008 and 2013, researchers found that approximately 25,000 Americans had a tummy tuck and that number keeps growing.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, involves surgically removing excess skin and tissue from the abdomen and tightening up your abdominal wall. Removing the excess skin and tissue helps to create a smoother and firmer abdominal profile. It’s ideal for excess fat located in the abdomen and to finally resolve that pooch.

How Does it Work?

Your Top10MD board certified plastic surgeon will tighten your abdominal muscles back to their original position i.e. pre-baby. Your excess skin and fat are then removed, stretched and tightened over the abdominal muscles. Your surgeon then closes the abdominal incision. The belly button stays intact but is repositioned to its normal position. Tummy tucks take approximately 3-hours to perform and are performed under anesthesia. Full recovery typically takes 2-6 weeks. YEA! No vacuuming for two months!

What to Take into Consideration?

  • Are you finished having children?
  • Are you healthy? Do you smoke?
  • Are you finished losing weight?
  • Do you have a bulging upper or lower abdomen?
  • Do you have loose skin or stubborn excess fat that cannot be diminished?

What’s the Next Step?

Ultimately, the decision you come to when discussing this with your surgeon will lead you in the right direction. Your decision to have a tummy tuck is personal. If you are looking at getting into that swimsuit this summer, now is the time to do it!  
Schedule your consultation today with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a plan tailored to suit your desires and needs. It’s time to act now and make 2017 the Year of YOU!

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With the holidays coming up, liposuction is in hot demand! Liposuction is a procedure performed to reshape areas that are disproportionate to the other areas of your body. It’s mostly performed to eliminate problem areas that do not respond to diet or exercise. Last year, over 15-million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States.

Common areas that require liposuction to achieve symmetry

  • The outer and inner thighs, abdomen and hips on women
  • The abdomen and love handles on men– hey it’s not just for women anymore 🙂

Liposuction can be performed on the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • The Face
  • Upper Arms

Liposuction is not just for looks – it’s can also be used to treat certain medical conditions. These conditions include abnormal enlargement of the male breasts called gynecomastia, benign fatty tumors, excessive sweating in the armpit area, and metabolism problems.

Liposuction & Expectations

Recovery time depends on the amount of fat removed or the area of removal. Your board certified plastic surgeon will discuss ways to maintain your new shape through exercise, diet and lifestyle changes.

You will be able to return to work within a few days or a week depending on how many areas were treated and normal activities within approximately two-three weeks. Bruising, soreness, and swelling will occur for a few weeks. It’s always best to wear your compression garment and do what your surgeon ordered.

If you have been thinking about doing something about that problem area, now’s the time. Before you know it, summer will swing back around and you’ll have the best beach bod in town!


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The holidays are here, and tis’ the season for cocktail parties and social events; whether it’s with friends, family, and business affairs. You dig out that gorgeous little black dress from your closet to find it doesn’t quite fit your breasts like you had hoped. To make matters worse, push up bras just don’t cut it. There are options out there! In 2015 alone, there were over 278,000 breast augmentation procedures performed. Because of this, breast augmentations ranked as one of the top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures.

Reasons To Consider Breast Augmentation

There are a few reasons why women might consider a breast augmentation. Perhaps you have a need to feel more satisfied with your figure or a yearning to be more confident with your body type. Other reasons may include wanting a boost in self-esteem or to appear more attractive to the opposite sex. Regardless of the reason, you should feel the decision to undergo a procedure is the right one for YOU! It’s been proven that post surgery women experience an increased sexual arousal, sexual satisfaction, and higher self-esteem due to the newly found self-confidence that surfaced!

Breast Augmentation Options

If you are looking into getting a breast augmentation, there are a few options to consider. It’s important to know your choices so that you make the right decision and know what to expect moving forward. Your surgeon should offer and review the various options for breast enhancement such as:

  • Fat Transfer: consist of moving fat from one part of the body to the next causing very minimal scarring.
  • Incision Locations: Placement of the implants is also important. Upon listening to you, you and your surgeon will be able to decide where the best incision point should be.
  • Silicone vs. Saline: Both patients and plastic surgeons have experienced positive results with Silicone gel implants. It creates a softer more natural look. Over 52% of implants inserted are silicone. Saline implants give you total control of how large to how small a woman wants her breast implants to be.  Saline implants are filled after the implants are placed in the body, so the incision site is very small.
  • Sub-Muscular vs. Sub-Glandular: Sub-Muscular breast implant placements is when the implants are placed beneath the major pectoral muscle, and/or partially beneath the pectoral muscle using specific incisions and placement on your surgeon’s part. Sub-Glandular breast implant placement is when the implants are placed directly on top of the pectoral muscle and just behind the breast tissue. There are pros and cons of both techniques.

What Should I Know Moving Forward?

As with any procedure, complications can occur. Seeing a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience behind him or her will lessen your chances of a complication. Continuing with annual breast exams and mammograms is important. Visit a Top10MD board certified plastic surgeon today and tailor a plan to meet your 2017 goals.

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Nearly 17 million people in America have acne and suffer from acne scars. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions and it comes in all shapes and forms. Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to manage. As soon as you get a breakout, it’s easy to pick and poke at it. You try different skincare regimens, home remedies like apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil, and nothing seems to work. Understanding how you get acne scars, as well as ways to remove them, can help you get back to having beautiful clear skin.

What is Acne?

Acne is simply the buildup of oil and dead skin cells in the hair follicles. When these things build up, your face breaks out in pimples. Here are the varying types:

  • Blackheads: Pimples on the surface that are black.
  • Whiteheads: Pimples under the skin.
  • Nodules: Large painful pimples found deep in the skin
  • Pustules: Pimples that are red at the base and have pus on the surface.
  • Papules: Small pink bumps
  • Cysts: Deep pus filled pimples

What Really Causes Acne Scars?

A buildup of oil and dead skin in the hair follicle leaves the pore to swell, causing the hair follicle to tear. The deeper the tear, the worse the scar. The skin repairs itself with new collagen fibers, but unfortunately, the scar remains.

Types of Acne Scars

  • Hypertrophic scar– Keloid type scarring that results in a raised mass on the skin surface
  • Atrophic scar – Depressed scars resulting from a loss of tissue

Blackheads and whiteheads are two types of pimples that do not; cysts, pustules, and papules will. What you may think is an acne scar may not be a scar at all. Sometimes you have what is known as PIH or post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation, a discoloration that will eventually go away.

Treatment Options

There is no one right way to treat your acne scars. Adjustments in your diet or skincare routine may help. In cases where you are suffering from atrophic or depressed scars, Bellafill may be the best treatment for you. Bellafill is a dermal filler that fills out the face and brings those depressed scars to surface level. Learn more about the benefits of Bellafill here. Scar butter or scar ointment may help with existing scars and get rid of the discoloration for less severe cases. It is good practice to exfoliate and clear your face of dead skin cells once or twice a week. Soon, you’ll be on your way to the healthy looking skin you deserve!

Dr. John Burns is a Dallas Plastic Surgeon and Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Burns is a member of the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Burns, click on his profile or call his office at 214-515-0002.  Dr. John Burns has been named Top10MD for four years. Top10MD is an honor only 1-in-3 doctors succeeds with this recognition in the United States.


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The holidays will be here before you know it. Perhaps you’ve been considering a bit of Botox Cosmetic to smooth those worry lines or a cosmetic procedure but feel you lack the information to make an informed decision. We’ve got the event just for you!

Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Denton Watumull, Regional Plastic Surgery Center and the Regional Skin & Laser Center are hosting an event to commemorate their 25th Anniversary. Dr. Watumull invites you and your friends to a one-night-only event that will help arm you with the knowledge you need to take that next step!

The casual, up-close and personal event gives patients a better understanding of what is available and what to expect when it comes to cosmetic procedures by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

The Evening’s Itinerary Includes

  • Physician presentations featuring information on cosmetic procedures and more.
  • Botox Cosmetic will be administered by the doctors for the special price of $12 per unit.
  • Aesthetic Nurse Injector is presenting new information on PRP for stem cell face and eye rejuvenation and alopecia treatment.
  • Q&A with a Skincare Expert, including options on various laser treatments available.

All event attendees will be offered $1,000 off on a tummy tuck or $500 off another cosmetic procedure as well as receive discounts on skin care and laser treatment packages including professional grade skincare, laser hair removal, non-invasive fat reduction, skin tightening, SkinPen, and PRP/PRFM. Raffles on Botox, Juvederm, laser hair removal, skincare and laser treatments will be called out throughout the event.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to look and feel your best this holiday season!

To enter Regional Skin & Laser Center’s “Don’t Act Your Age Contest,” see details at FALLBEAUTYEVENT.COM. Entries will be accepted through Sunday, October 23. The winner will be announced at the Fall Beauty Event and receive three free treatments at Regional Skin & Laser Center.


Event & Botox Registration FALLBEAUTYEVENT.COM. After registering, they will contact you to schedule an appointment with your chosen doctor to take advantage of the Botox Special!

Bring the holidays on!

WHAT:       Regional Plastic Surgery Center’s 25th Anniversary & Fall Beauty Event

WHEN:       Tuesday, October 25, 2016

TIME:          5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

WHERE:     Hyatt Regency North Dallas, 701 E. Campbell Rd., Richardson, TX 75081


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There is no getting away from aging, but a facial filler also known in the world of cosmetics injectables can help us turn back time. With aging comes a lot of changes with the least favorite being a change in your skin. Just because you get older does not mean you have to look like it! There are steps that you can take to have you feeling young again!

Facial fillers or dermal fillers are also known as “injectables” or “soft-tissue fillers.” These facial fillers do just what their name suggests: they fill in the area under the skin, making it look smooth and young again. Fillers injected into the face can help improve your appearance in the following ways:

  • Contouring – Facial fillers can help you take control of your facial structure, allowing your to contour your jawline as well as other areas of your face.
  • Decrease Wrinkles – Facial fillers can help fill in your wrinkles and smooth down the fine lines and deep creases found in your face. Helps Scarring: Facial fillers can help you improve other imperfections you may notice on your face, like scars and sagging skin.
  • Lip and Cheek Plumping – Facial fillers are often injected to help your fill out your thin or wrinkled lips or plumping up your cheeks.

What materials are used?

If you are thinking of getting facial fillers, it is important that you realize they are not a permanent fix wrinkled skin. Most of the materials used for wrinkle fillers can only provide that “new skin smoothness” temporarily because your body eventually absorbs them. The smoothness effect provided by the facial fillers will last for about six months, possibly longer. Whether or not your results are successful depends largely on the health of your skin, how skilled your doctor is, and the type of filler that is used.

  • Collagen: Collagen is the main structural protein found in the connective tissues of animal bodies. It is the most abundant protein in mammals. Collagen is found in fibrous tissues like tendons, ligaments, skin, corneas, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, guts, intervertebral disc, and dentin. Collagen for use as a facial filler can be extracted from many different sources. Collagen can come from pigs, cows, cadavers, or may be generated in a laboratory.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: This material is the most popular category of wrinkle fillers. These acids are viscous fluid carbohydrates that are present in your connective tissues, synovial fluid, and the humor of your eye. The aqueous humor in your eye is a transparent, watery fluid that is similar to plasma. It fills both the anterior and posterior chambers of your eye.

What are the risks involved in a facial filler injection?

As in any medical procedure, there are very real risks involved. That is why it is important for you to understand these risks and talk with your doctor about what type of facial filler is right for you. It is essential that you make sure your doctor is skilled in the application of facial fillers, with specific experience in this type of cosmetic procedure. The risks involved in an improperly performed facial filler procedure can include the following symptoms:

  • Allergic Reactions
  • Bruising
  • Infections
  • Itching
  • Pain
  • Redness

You can return to work the day following your treatment. Depending on where you have had your filler injected, you may experience more or less swelling. Any time there is a needle placed in your skin, there is a risk of developing bruises. Avoid using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications the week before your treatment. You can expect to experience redness and swelling immediately after your injection for two or so days after your treatment. You may need 1-2 weeks to recover from any bruising and swelling and see the full result of your facial filler injection.
Dr. Jesse Smith is a Dallas, Fort Worth and Colleyville Texas Facial Plastic Surgeon and Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery within Head & Neck and the American Board of Otolaryngology. Dr. Smith has been named Top10MD 2014, 2015 & 2016 an honor only 1-in-3 doctors succeeds within the United States. To schedule your appointment contact Dr. Jesse Smith today to schedule your free consultation or call 817-503-2442.


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