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Is a Body Lift Worth it? A question many of us ask following significant weight loss.

If you’re looking for a transformation following a significant amount of weight, a Body Lift will offer the most dramatic change to your mid and lower body. 94% of patients that have a body lift are pleased that they did the procedure. Also known as a belted lipectomy or circumferential torsoplasty the procedure is designed to remove excess skin and fat from your abdomen, waist, hips, and buttocks and help to pull up the skin on you inner/outer thighs. Our skin loses elasticity over time and specifically if you have gained or lost weight throughout the years or have had multiple children causing our midsection to lose its youthful shape and firmness. By removing the excess, loose skin and related the fat deposits of the areas your body will have a better contour, look and feel rejuvenated. Body lifts are not intended strictly for the removal of excess skin but will also remove excess fat in the areas treated. If you have areas where your skin has good elasticity liposuction alone can remove excess fat deposits and can naturally conform to new body contours by wearing compression garments.

Top Four Reasons for a Body Lift

  1. To reshape the middle area of your body.
  2. Correct sagging skin and fat as a result of aging.
  3. To remove excess skin due to weight loss through diet or following bariatric surgery such as a Lap Band procedure or gastric bypass surgery or sleeve.
  4. To remove excess skin stretched from pregnancy.

Areas a Body Lift Addresses

  • Abdominal – Extending around the sides and into the lower back area.
  • Buttocks – That are weighted down by excess skin, low, flat, or unevenly shaped.
  • Groin – Sagging into the inner thigh.
  • Thigh – The inner, outer, or the thigh’s circumference.

The Body Lift Procedure

A Body Lift procedure varies with each patient, depending on the body type, and desired outcome. To remove the skin and fat, an incision is first placed around your abdominal area into the sides of your back (the same as if you had a tummy tuck) that incision will then be followed through the entire lower body, in a circumferential fashion. Skin and fat are removed, your stomach muscles may be tightened at this time, and the incision is closed too tightly contour the body. A change made to the thighs is called a thigh lift; this requires an incision in your groin to remove the excess skin and sutured back together. The entire procedure will last from 3-7 hours depending on how much skin is being removed. Your surgeon will be able to give you a better idea of how much time it will take. However much time it takes you will be pleased with the results, despite the scarring that occurs most body lift patients are pleased not to have the sagging skin under their clothes anymore and to put on a swimsuit once more.

The Body Lift Recovery Process

Your recovery process is individual, but most people recover within four to six weeks. Like any surgery, you will require plenty of rest to allow your body to heal. Immediately after your procedure dressings will be applied to minimize swelling and to provide support. Drainage tubes are often utilized and placed during your procedure to allow for excess fluids to drain for you to heal faster and to reduce the incidence of a hematoma to form. Scars from incisions are permanent, but your surgeon will place them carefully to minimize visibility. Oral pain medication can be given to ease minor pain after your procedure. Within a month you will be back as good as new!

How Long Does a Body Lift Last?

The smoother, tighter contours that result from a body lift should last you a lifetime with proper nutrition, diet, and exercise.

How Much Does a Body Lift Cost?

The cost for a body lift will vary from region to region and from person to person depending on the length of your procedure. The cost will run from $8,000-$20,000. Know that following your procedure your skin will be tight and smooth and the old you will emerge once again.

How to Get Started?

Your decision to have a body lift is as individual as you are. Only you can decide if getting rid of the excess skin that has been driving you crazy for years is worth it. If you would like to learn more call our office today and we will be happy to discuss both pre and post body lift surgery with you.

Schedule your consultation today with one of our Top10MD Plastic Surgeons. Get the answers you’re looking for.


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Ten years ago, breast implants were much more different than they are today. In 2015, breast augmentation surgery was the second most popular cosmetic procedure with a whopping 306,000 surgeries done in the U.S. according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Nowadays, our options range from types of implants, to different sizes and shapes. While both Saline and Silicone implants are used, Silicone implants have experienced the most improvement. If you are looking to learn more about your breast implant options, Dr. Ramsey Choucair of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is providing implants that are improving the lives of women everywhere.

Implant Types

  • Saline implants have always been safe, but they do not give a natural look. These implants are filled with sterile salt water and may be either pre-filled or filled at the time of the surgery.
  • Silicone implants are filled with soft, elastic gel and are available in a variety of shapes. This type of implant is pre-filled and sometimes require a longer incision for implant placement.

Memory Gel

We hear about memory foam with mattresses, but memory gel has now come to the forefront for breast implants. The FDA approved cohesive gel silicone implants are an improvement on regular silicone images, with the benefit of working similarly to breast tissue. Other implants tend to feel liquidy, but memory gel creates a thicker and firmer look enabling the breast to hold it’s shape better. This isn’t suggesting the breast looks hard though, it holds together well and has the feeling and give of normal breast tissue. Although Memory Gel is new in the United States, it has been used in other countries for years.

Breast Implant Process

If and when you decide to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, consider only the surgeons who will go the extra mile to make sure you only have the best implants and best care. The first step of the process is getting a mammogram. If you are over the age of 30, it is a must. The next step is planning surgery. The surgery tends to last up to 2 hours. An incision is made under the breast fold, and the implant is placed under the muscle. This ensures any scars are hidden or unnoticeable. It may sound odd placing an implant below the muscle tissue, but it gives a natural look and does not affect future mammograms.


Recovery takes some time and the first couple of days are the hardest. You should be able to work after a week, though it is important to take it slow for the following few weeks, After about six weeks, you should be back to your normal activities, including exercising!

Breast implants can do wonders for your confidence, giving you a sense of youthfulness. If you are tired of asymmetrical breasts or if you desire to have more proportional breasts, make an appointment with Dr. Ramsey Choucair of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery today.

Dr. Ramsey Choucair is a Dallas, Texas Plastic Surgeon, and Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Choucair is a recognized surgeon in facial burn reconstruction having completed a fellowship at Shriners Burn Institute in Boston. Dr. Ramsey Choucair is named a Top10MD. Only 1 in 3 doctors succeeds with this in the United States. Contact Dr. Choucair today at 214.390.0011 to schedule an appointment or view his profile on Top10MD.



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Plastic surgery is a big thing now. Everyone wants a thinner nose, bigger butt, and flatter tummy. Plastic surgery is expensive and should not be done by just anyone. You may go in expecting to have a body like J. Lo and come out looking like a no-no. You get what you pay for when it comes to plastic surgery. Cheaper is not always the way to go. There are a few different things you should pay attention to when it comes to plastic surgery. Hopefully after reading this blog, you can know what makes a great plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgery is extremely common. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, nearly 14 million people had plastic surgery in 2012. Plastic surgery does wonders for so many people. It can boost confidence and change lives. Now that plastic surgery is so common, people tend to look for the cheapest way to get what they want. You must be aware of the red flags. You may think you are saving money but in the end, you may pay double to repair the damage that is done.

What You Want In a Plastic Surgeon

Every plastic surgeon must have a medical degree. Anybody claiming to be a plastic surgeon without a degree should be reported. Run away as quickly as you can. Board certification is most imperative. A board certified plastic surgeon confirms that they completed training and know exactly what they are doing. When you get your medical degree, you are called a doctor, but it is not until you are trained that you get your specific title.

Experience is a Must

The more experience the surgeon has, the better off you are.  If you are getting plastic surgery, you do not want the doctor who is doing this for the first time. Don’t be the experimental patient. You should feel very comfortable with the doctor. If you ask a lot of questions, you can know better if the doctor has experience. If the doctor has trouble answering your questions, you may need to find a new one. It is okay to ask those tough questions that may make the doctor uncomfortable. Remember you are the customer. You cannot settle for terrible service.

Personality is Everything

You are allowing someone to either change or fix parts of your body that may bring feelings of insecurity. If you have had an injury and you are getting plastic surgery to fix a defect the injury caused, that is very personal. The physician must be able to connect with you emotionally. Your problems should not be a joke to them. A doctor that cannot make an emotional connection should be fired. The doctor should treat you the way they want to be treated if they were the patient. Ask yourself: Does he listen to you? Is there two-way communication? Is he open to complaints? Is his staff friendly? Is there a team approach? 

Professional at ALL Times

Every plastic surgeon should be very professional. They should take your request and give you the best advice they can. They should suggest things that they feel will suit you best. A professional doctor, contrary to popular belief, does not just give you everything you want. If you are a size 2, it is not in the doctor’s best judgment to give you a boob job and put F size cups in you. Professional doctors should be more concerned about your health, rather than money. Anytime a doctor is trying to suggest more and more procedures; that is a red flag. The more procedures you have, the more money they make.

Plastic surgeons should be board certified, knowledgeable, have a great personality and professional. Of all of these things you are looking for in a plastic surgeon, the board certification should be at the top of your list. It is not always about money. For the best work, you should find the best doctors. Plastic surgery is nothing to short-change. Plastic surgery can easily go from the greatest decision you ever made or the worst mistake of your life, just because you chose the wrong doctor. Use these tips to help you choose the right plastic surgeon for you.

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Gynecologist and Functional Medicine Specialist Dr. MaryAnn Prewitt now offers the newest clinically proven and FDA-cleared technology in reducing stubborn fat in just 25 minutes – SculpSure! When you check yourself in the mirror, are you happy with your body? No matter how hard we work at the gym or how careful we are with what we eat those fat deposits just won’t go away. In fact, 89% of us feel bothered by excess weight in a specific area on our body, wishing and hoping fat would just disappear.

SculpSure is a breakthrough light-based body contouring procedure created to reduce areas of stubborn fat in your problem areas such as the stomach or love handles. “This process of body sculpting is a major game changer,” says Dr. Prewitt of HealthWellnessMD. “Without surgery or recovery time, the patient sees quicker results.” With CoolSculpting, there is pulling, sucking and cooling of fat between two plates. In the SculpSure method, there is no suction or pulling of tissue. The device simply lays flat on top of the tissue while energy causes damage to the fat cells by penetrating the tissue. From here, your body’s immune system kicks in to clear away those damaged cells and the treated area shrinks. At most, patients feel a deep warming sensation – it’s virtually painless.

The whole process takes only 25 minutes, less than half the amount of time it takes for a single cycle of Coolsculpting. In addition, you can address up to four problem areas in one treatment. With four separate applicator heads, your physician can adjust the placement depending on where you need the fat reduced. The process is safe for the skin too. Regardless of whether you are fair or very dark skinned, the skin remains unaffected by the treatment.

After the treatment, up to 24% of the fat cells are destroyed and will not regenerate. You can immediately get back to your day, celebrating the results you will soon see. Most patients see results as early as six weeks after the procedure. Every patient is different so customized plans are the best choice although many can see excellent results after two treatments. Your provider can help create a treatment plan that is right for you.

Curious to see how it works? “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards gives a glimpse into the process of SculpSure.

Dallas Functional Medicine Specialist and Gynecologist Maryann Prewitt, MD is Director and Founder of HealthWellnessMD. Dr. Prewitt is a Board Certified Fellow, America College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Dr. Prewitt holds a Master’s Certification in the da Vinci Surgery System-this minimally invasive technology revolutionized the way surgery is performed today. Call Dr. Prewitt’s office today and schedule an appointment at 469-619-1066.


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Pregnancy can take a significant toll on a woman’s body. A Mommy Makeover is a personalized combination of procedures that is designed to reverse changes to your body caused by pregnancy. Dr. Y. Anthony Nakamura can perform a personalized Mommy Makeover to help you achieve the body contours and tone that you desire. Your custom makeover typically includes a combination of the following procedures: a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a breast lift.

The term ‘Mommy Makeover’ may differ in meaning from surgeon to surgeon, but ultimately it is a combination of breast and body procedures to help a woman regain the confidence of having children.

The effects on the breasts during and after pregnancy may include:

  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Widening of the areolas
  • Drooping of the breast
  • Loss of breast volume

Due to these changes in a woman’s breast, candidates for mommy makeovers may desire breast lift, reduction, augmentation or a combination of procedures.

The effects on the abdominal area may include:

  • Love handles
  • Stretch marks
  • Excess skin
  • Widening of abdominal muscles causing a “pooch”
  • Drooping of the pubic region

As for the abdomen, most candidates desire a tummy tuck with muscle tightening; this can also include liposuction to the love handles and even the inner and outer thighs.

Benefits of a mommy makeover procedure include the ability to create balance in a woman’s overall look, one recovery, and often a significant reduction in cost because many practices offer multi-procedure discounts. Regain your confidence and reset your body with a Mommy Makeover – contact your board certified plastic surgeon to set up a consultation.

Dr. Y. Anthony Nakamura is a Texas Plastic Surgeon and Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Nakamura is Medical Director of Accent on You. With over 25 years of plastic surgery knowledge, Dr. Nakamura takes a personal approach to every patient while continuing to provide excellent care. Dr. Nakamura has been named 2015-2016 Top10MD an honor only 1-in-3 doctor’s in the United States succeed with this recognition. To schedule your appointment contact Dr. Nakamura at 817-417-7200.


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Visiting your local plastic surgeon is not just for women—total cosmetic procedures for men have risen 23% in 2014 since 2000 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2014 Plastic Surgery Statistics. Among the most popular cosmetic surgeries for men were tummy tucks, lower body lifts, and male breast reduction (gynecomastia). Men are also taking advantage of non-surgical procedures; since 2000, men using Botox has increased 337% and those undergoing laser resurfacing facial procedures have increased 227%.

Dr. Mason has noticed this trend in his own practice, particularly men in their 40’s and 50’s who want to look as good as they feel.

Dr. Mark Mason is a Southlake, Texas Plastic Surgeon Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Mason is Medical Director of Southlake Plastic Surgery.  To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mason, click on his profile or call his office at 817.442.8900.  Dr. Mason has been named Top10MD for two years – an honor only 1-in-3 doctors succeed with in the United States.


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Liposonix, a proven non-invasive fat reduction ultrasound technology, eliminates unwanted fat cells around the waist. Dr. Denton Watumull’s Dallas med spa, Regional Skin & Laser Center, is offering 20% off this procedure if you call by July 31!

Liposonix, an effective aesthetic device, permanently eliminates an average of 1 inch of fat circumferentially along the waistline. After just a 1 hour treatment, the body naturally processes and removes the fat tissue over the next 8 to 12 weeks. Targeted fat cells are permanently destroyed without harming the skin. This is exciting news for those who want to sculpt away stubborn fat and fit into dresses or pants that are just too tight! Liposonix is a fat reduction technology that requires no incisions and can help you remove fat that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise.

Liposonix is effective on:Liposonix Results

  • Targeting and eliminating fat around the abdomen
  • Targeting and eliminating fat around the flanks (love handles)
  • Patients that are close to their ideal size and shape – but can “pinch-an-inch” of fat in the treatment area

Click below to learn more about how Liposonix works and if it is right for you:

Speak with Dr. Denton Watumull’s medical supervised and trained skin and laser specialists, Laura Harris, a licensed aesthetician with 15 years of experience or Lisa Bauer, a registered medical assistant with over 25 years of experience. To learn more about non-invasive fat reduction treatments, call (972)470-5012 or visit


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Breast reduction surgery can have both health and emotional benefits Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Denton Watumull, helps many women consider breast reduction surgery to alleviate physical pain, discomfort and improve their self-image along with their appearance. The excess weight of overly large breasts can cause difficulty in your ability to lead an active life and can cause emotional stress in addition to physical discomfort. Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Denton Watumull, can determine if the procedure is right for you during your initial consultation.

Is breast reduction surgery a good option for me?

If as a result of large breasts you are experiencing back, neck and shoulder pain which is long-standing in duration and increasing intensity, then you may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery. You may also be experiencing indentations from bra straps supporting the extra breast weight. If your breasts hang low, your skin can become irritated beneath the breast crease and cause stretch marks and stretched skin which can enlarge the areolas. Even though your breasts may be limiting your physical activity, you need to be physically healthy and not smoke before you will be considered for surgery. Several variables will need to be considered by your plastic surgeon prior to surgery.

Is breast reduction covered by insurance?Emotional Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery may be covered by health insurance when it is performed to relieve significant medical symptoms. Insurers will require medical record documentation before a medically necessary determination is made. Insurance policies vary greatly and employers have the option to include or exclude breast reduction surgery in their insurance plans. Carefully review your policy to determine your coverage. Pre-certification is required for reimbursement or coverage.

If you have additional questions about whether breast reduction surgery may be right for you, consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon that has been extensively trained on all parts of the face and body.

Dr. Denton Watumull is a Dallas Plastic Surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with 9 years of residency and fellowship training at UT Southwestern Medical Center and over 25 years of practice experience. Your safety and an individualized approach is of primary importance to Dr. Watumull. For more information about breast surgery options or for more information about Dr. Watumull, please visit You can schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation with Dr. Watumull, by calling (972)470-5000.


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Everyone is jumping on the SkinPen bandwagon. Why? “Because it works” says, Dr. Y. Anthony Nakamura a Dallas Plastic Surgeon.

Some compare the SkinPen results to or even better than painful laser treatments or skin peels that require days of downtime. Although micro-needling has been around, the SkinPen is superior technology applied to this same procedure. It is able to stimulate your skins natural ability to produce new collagen, which can provide an enhanced overall appearance of the skin.

The SkinPen Can Improve

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin tone
  • Skin texture
  • Acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Sun damage

As we age, our fibroblast activity slows down and our dermal barrier becomes increasingly compromised. The SkinPen addresses this for all parts of the body and is able to be used on most skin types, including darker skin. The most popular treatment areas are the face, décolletage, hands, and abdomen for stretch marks.

The procedure is painless for most and at worst can simply be described as annoying. With a topical numbing cream applied first the SkinPen feels equivalent to a cat licking your face with a rough tongue.   The practitioner is able to adjust the depth of the micro-needling channeling treatment depending on your comfort level, goals, and skin type. The unique design of the SkinPen allows for individualized settings, which makes the treatment very comfortable for most everyone. The procedure takes 60-90 minutes depending on areas treated.

One of the many benefits of the SkinPen is the ability to be social after treatment. Mineral makeup can and be applied to conceal any redness. Some heal completely in 24 hours while others might be pink for a couple of days.

As with most facial treatments, multiple sessions are recommended to achieve optimal results. Depending upon your skin, most are recommended a series of 2-3 treatments 4-5 weeks apart. With the SkinPen, you will be able to notice results just one week following treatment and will continue to improve as the body’s healing process promotes the production of healthy, new cells and the production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid.

Dr. Y. Anthony Nakamura is a Dallas Plastic Surgeon and Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Nakamura is Medical Director of Accent on You. With over 25 years of plastic surgery knowledge, Dr. Nakamura takes a personal approach with every patient while continuing to provide excellent care. Dr. Nakamura has been named 2015-2016 Top10MD an honor only 1-in-3 doctor’s in the United States succeed with this recognition. To schedule your appointment contact Dr. Nakamura at 817-417-7200.


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Facts about Facelifts…Do you Like the Reflection in Your Mirror?

When it comes to facial surgery (facelifts) age is just a number. “How old should I be before I get a facelift?”…we hear that question all the time. However, your actual age has very little (or nothing) to do with your actual facial “aging”. What truly ages you is a combination of many factors including environmental, lifestyle and genes (you can either thank or curse your mom & dad now!). Actually even your sex and ethnicity play into this equation. Some patients may be ready for a facelift in their 40’s while others may be lucky enough to push it out to their 60’s.

Were you a ‘sun-worshipper’ in your youth? Do you smoke? Do you have thicker or thinner skin? All of these factors play into the aging process. People who live in sunnier regions tend to display characteristics of aging earlier and more pronounced than those who live in cooler climates and spend less time in the sun. People who smoke age faster and more dramatically than those who do not smoke and the quality of skin is often compromised. People who tend to stay very lean on the lower side of the BMI chart often look older than those in their age range on the higher range. As well, men and those with thicker skin (African Americans and some other ethnicities) tend to defy the aging process better than the ladies or ‘thinner skinned’ ethnicities.

When deciding to have a facelift you should really ask yourself what is it about your appearance you think “ages” you the most? Is is sagging skin, hollows, “bags” under your eyes, uneven skin tones, fine lines and wrinkles or all of the above? Different surgeries, or procedures work for different issues and sometimes a combination of surgery, medi-spa services and quality skin care products is the perfect prescription! The advanced technology and techniques used at The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas makes the old school (too pulled) facelift a thing of the past. Also sometimes less is more…and a more conservative approach such as fillers (“liquid facelift”) and laser resurfacing (Co2 fractional peels) can do wonders to that reflection smiling back at you!

So, if you are considering a facelift don’t let the number of candles on your birthday cake guide your decision. Only you and your doctor can make a determination if a facelift (or alternative or combination) is right for you based on where you actually sit on the aging spectrum, what kind of aging is physically present and what your end desires and expectations may be.

Dr. Gregory Stagnone is a Dallas Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Stagnone is Medical Director of The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas a cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical aesthetic enhancement center in Dallas Texas. Dr. Stagnone has been named Top10MD for two years an honor only 1-in-3 Doctors succeed with this recognition in the United States . To schedule your appointment contact Dr. Stagnone at 469-522-3335. 


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