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Surgeries that some consider routine can still sometimes cause serious complications. No matter how straightforward you think your surgery might be, you still want to be in the absolute best surgical hands.

Today, your surgeon and hospital are especially important for procedures that are new or complex or even routine. You should be concerned and research but your surgeon and the hospital for that matter as most errors happen in a hospital setting according to John Hopkins report in May noting the third leading cause of death is medical errors. In your search for the best surgeon one indicator is how often your surgeon performs the procedure you’re seeking. For example, a study by researchers at New Hampshire’s Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center of people undergoing surgery for pancreatic cancer found that annual death rates were nearly four times higher for those treated by surgeons who performed the fewest operations.

With that being said, how should you choose a surgeon, someone with whom you’ll be sharing some of your most personal information and entrusting with life-and-death decisions? Communication with your surgeon is essential.

Ask your prospective surgeon these questions before going under…

Are you board certified, and is your certification current?

  • Look for a surgeon who has the necessary board certification(s), necessary training, and has maintained their certification(s) in the specialty they are practicing.

Is this surgery necessary?

  • Avoiding surgery entirely is the only sure way to avoid a surgical complication; understanding the effectiveness of the surgery and having exhausted alternatives you then need to compare the results of your alternatives with the possible risks of the surgery. 

What are your success, failure, and complication rates?

  • Not all surgeons are willing to be upfront with this information, but a good surgeon will.

What is your experience with this surgery?

  • Ask your surgeon how many of these procedures he or she has performed and compare that number with other surgeons performing the same procedure. The best surgeon is not necessarily the busiest surgeon; it’s about avoiding the surgeon who has not performed the procedure as much or as often or as well.

What’s the hospital’s infection rate?

  • Seventeen states now make that information public, and many hospitals report their rates voluntarily. Kudos to them! After asking these questions and others relating to your needs, likes, and dislikes, do your homework and make your choice. Your final decision could be one of the most important you’ll make for you and your family.

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Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gregory Stagnone gets daily calls for a “mommy makeover” and daily they ask the caller “what does that mean to you? – What’s YOUR mommy makeover look like” That’s typically followed by a minute of silence… So, we ask “what is it that YOU want from the procedure?” A mommy makeover is NOT a procedure or the same for all mommies; but rather a personalized combination of procedures designed to help you look and feel your best after pregnancy.

In addition to your new (or older) bundle of joy, pregnancy can bring with it many undesired physical changes to your body. From weight gain to sagging or excess skin, your body may seem foreign to you after your children. A growing number of moms (new or not-so-new) are choosing to combat these changes and undergo cosmetic surgery to regain their “pre-baby” bodies. It can help restore or improve your body (and spirits) so you can enjoy your body as much as your growing family. Typically, it’s going to include surgery for the tummy and the breast; although we’ve talked with women who’ve discussed their knees, even their faces or noses while inquiring about a mommy makeover (so for that mommy, it’s going to be unique and different!).

As your weight yo-yo’s during your pregnancies, your skin can become lose and despite getting back into the gym or diets, you may be unable to regain your pre-baby body. Often during pregnancy your abdominal muscles become separated (called diastases) which, no matter how much you exercise, can’t be brought back together without surgical help. You may also have a lost volume to your breasts (deflated), or end up with breasts that now are droopy or saggy. Indeed, some mom’s now have breasts larger and heavier than before. Needless to say, most moms’ look in the mirror longing for their pre-baby bodies; so the good news, a mommy makeover can help get that back for you!

More good news is that a mommy makeover can improve several areas of the body with one surgery (AND, one recovery time!) It can help restore youthfulness, reduce excess fat, tighten loose skin and enhance breast volume or “perkiness”. All in all, a thorough mommy makeover can help restore self confidence by making you comfortable again in your own skin!

So, what’s your mommy makeover look like? A full tummy tuck and breast implants (augmentation)? An extended mini tummy tuck with some liposuction and breast lift? Maybe, tummy and hip liposuction with a modified breast lift and new implants? The possibilities are as varied as the kids in a mommy playgroup! One key thing to remember about mommy makeover surgery is that it’s particularly important to find an experience, qualified surgery when combining procedures.

Dr. Gregory Stagnone is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 25 years experience and uses only Board Certified Anesthesiologists for your comfort and safety. The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas has its own accredited surgery center and recovery facility conveniently located in North Dallas. For more information on getting back your pre-baby body, please visit our website: or call today to schedule a time to meet with Dr. Gregory Stagnone 972-661-5077.


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Are you ready to see the real you? Are you ready for a Mommy Makeover? Take a look at our first Commercial and see how Top10MD can help you find the specialist to help you look and feel your best.

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