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Dr. John L. Burns Jr. shares his insight on the widespread popularity of the butt augmentation procedure (commonly referred to as a butt lift) and the evolution of the plastic surgery techniques that go along with it. Importantly, butt augmentation should be viewed as both a volume and shape procedure. The idea that bigger is better is simply not true. The art in this procedure is to give both the proper size and shape in proportion to the height and weight of each patient.

2 Methods of Butt Lift | Butt Augmentation

The two methods of butt augmentation (or a butt lift) are implant placement and fat grafting. The advantage of implants is that they can be used in patients who might not have enough fat to harvest for augmentation. They are also permanent. Unfortunately, implants also have many common side effects including chronic pain, infection, seroma formation (fluid collections around the implants), and the implants hardening, leaving an unnatural feel. Implants also cannot be shaped and molded like natural fat. Because of these possible complications and limitations, most surgeons, including myself, prefer fat injections. This popular procedure is commonly known as the Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL.

Advantages of Fat Grafting

Dr. Burns goes on to say that fat grafting has the advantage of being completely natural. Liposuction is used to “harvest” your own fat by removing fat from unwanted areas such as the abdomen, love handles, thighs, and around the buttocks. The liposuction part of the procedure can be used to shape the butt and to improve other areas of the body. This fat is washed, specially treated, and then carefully injected into the butt to give it a perfect shape. The benefit of the fat grafting technique is that there is no foreign substance being introduced into the body; but if necessary, the augmentation can be combined with a lift procedure for an optimal result.


Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Grafting Technique

Fat grafting techniqueButt lift before & after

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