3 years ago

Size matters! “Seeing a 3D picture of your Before & After pictures prior to ever undergoing a breast augmentation procedure through imaging is now available,” says Dallas’ plastic surgeon, Dr. John Burns. “Picking the right sized implant is probably the most anxiety provoking decision that patients face when considering breast enhancement.”  crisalix stimulator

Dr. John Burns Explains 3D Imaging, Called Crisalix

“Using a HIPPA compliant, web–based software system called Crisalix, I am able to provide 3D imaging for my patients during the initial complimentary consultation.  Three standard photographs are taken and converted to a 3D image which can be viewed from every angle.  All implant sizes can be tested to generate an image for the patient to view during the consultation.  Perfect implant size can be chosen before the procedure so that all patient preferences and concerns can be addressed before the procedure.  The images can even be sent via secure email so that the patient can get valuable input from a significant other, family member, or trusted friend.”

“Being able to see what different implants would look like gives the patient total control and allows her to “try out” different sizes BEFORE the procedure.  The program can be used with all types of implant shape, sizes, textures, and profiles to see even subtle differences.   The program even allows viewing with and without clothes or swimsuit attire. ” “By utilizing 3D imaging, even patients who are unsure whether or not to undergo breast augmentation can see what it would look like and make a better informed decision.  Call our office today for your complimentary consultation and 3D imaging.”


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