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I know what you’re thinking. You’ve read the title and the first thing you don’t want to be told is, “Stop using Q-tips.” Well, it’s sad but true.

Q-tips can push wax further back into your ear, while also removing some of it. But earwax is a good thing! The body purposefully produces it in order to protect your eardrums from dirt and bacteria.

How is Earwax Formed?

Although it may sound gross, earwax is made when dead skin cells inside the ear slough off and mix with our body’s natural oil.

How Should I Remove Earwax?

You shouldn’t! If you feel like you have to clean your ears, you can clean the outer portion of the ear with a washcloth and soap and water. If you feel like you must get some wax out of your ear, then you can use “Debrox” ear drops from the drugstore (which is like antiwax peroxide drops) or put a few drops of baby oil in there. These two things will help some of the wax fall out.

Is Candling An ok Method To Remove Earwax?

According to most doctors, putting candles into your ear and lighting them to remove earwax is definitely frowned upon. Dr. Douglas Backous, MD, medical director at the Center for Hearing and Skull Base Surgery in Seattle at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute, says he’s “Seen burns and ruptured eardrums as a result” of candling.

So, in regards to this age-old debate regarding getting wax out of your ears, protect them already! And listen to this medical feedback, which continues to be the same!


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